How to Create a Mutant Learning Lab - Step 4

In our last blog, we covered the third step in creating a mutant learning lab: scheduling your lab time.

So, to recap: You’re connected. You’ve set aside time to learn. Now what?

It’s finally time to learn and start working in your Mutant Learning Laboratory. 

This is the step where you actively start learning, creating, and initiating. Always keep your key question in mind: “What is the topic or subject I want to be competent in?

We suggest a three-step Mutant Learning Ritual to help you use your Mutant Learning Lab time wisely.


1. Scan Many 

Start by scanning the many learning fragments coming to you (push) or that you’re turning to (pull) via the various connection strategies you have linked yourself to. In this step, you skim over the discussions and topics you’re following, glance over blog posts of favorite thought leaders, and flip through favorite trade and research sites. You’ll be surprised at how many headlines you can scan in such a short amount of time.

2. Review Some

Scanning will inherently lead to the second step. While you’re skimming and scanning you’ll naturally be attracted to some learning fragments more than others. Reviewing some means you will select, from the many learning fragments, only a handful that you will take time to review by reading the summary or abstract.

3. Study the Few

After scanning dozens of learning fragments and reviewing some that interested you, you will want to study just a few relevant ones. The rest of your Mutant Learning Lab time should be spent actually diving down and reading the entire study or article. Choose wisely—your time is valuable.

Going Forward

Keep track of how many learning fragments you can scan, review and study in your 15 minutes over a week or two. You may have to make adjustments, such as scanning more in order to get more relevant information or reviewing less so you have time to study more.

We’ll talk about Step 5, sharing, in our next article. If you can’t wait, download the full eBook ​​Mutant Learning: How to Develop a Social Learning Lab here.